Core Real Estate Capital (CREC) was formed in 2001 in response to the experiences I had as a limited partner in various real estate investments. It was my experience that general partners treated limited partners as a means to an end, rather than valued partners in real estate investments. The approach I developed 20 years ago sought to place the limited partner interests ahead of the general partner interests.

If there is one component of the firm that makes CREC successful, it is our people. The CREC team represents a diverse set of career paths and experiences. The common denominator within the team is the passion for transparency and the possession of what I like to call a “moral compass.” While the team has a passion for real estate, we have an equally strong passion for serving our investors. Our goal is to “do what’s right” for the real estate portfolio and for our real estate investors without compromise.

The CREC approach focuses on delivering exceptional returns for investors while mitigating as many potential areas of risk as possible. Our team remains laser focused on sourcing multi-tenant real estate investment opportunities in secondary and tertiary U.S. cities that exhibit strong job growth and population growth.

I welcome you to contact us to learn more about CREC and our investor-focused approach to private equity real estate investing.

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Jeffery Coopersmith

Jeff Coopersmith

Chairman & Founder