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Since 2001, CREC Real Estate, LLC has provided access to institutional-quality real estate investment opportunities located throughout the United States. CREC is a fully integrated real estate manager focused exclusively on value-add and core-plus apartment acquisitions.  Integrity, discipline and an agile response to evolving real estate markets define our collaborative investment process.

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Over 150 Years

Combined Professional Experience

$1.1 Billion

Real Estate Under Management

Passion, Discipline and Experience

Over the prior two decades, CREC has developed an experienced and cohesive cycle-tested team executing a disciplined process and approach to real estate investment.


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The Process


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    CREC focuses on multifamily acquisitions in carefully selected U.S. secondary markets in its search for well-balanced risk/reward investment opportunities. Properties with the right combination of trailing performance and value-add potential that survive an intense due diligence process are considered as acquisition candidates.

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    The structure and business plan of every potential acquisition is balanced to create an investment that supports desirable returns and minimizes risk. Our strategy is focused on developing the most conservative capital stack which maximizes annualized cash flow and asset value post-renovation.

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    Property acquisitions occur only after in-house and independent levels of satisfactory due diligence. The due diligence process includes, but is not limited to, reviewing market comparables, secret shopping the local competition, thoroughly examining the property's units and amenities, confirming proposed revenue and expense assumptions, reviewing third-party environmental analysis and assembling detailed capital expenditure budgets.

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    CREC seeks to acquire multifamily properties that allow for net operating income (NOI) growth through strategic and tactical capital improvements. Executing value-add enhancements to apartment units and community amenities are paramount to CREC's renovation program. CREC's property management affiliate leverages technology to efficiently grow revenue and control expenses while maintaining high occupancy.

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    CREC believes a successful real estate investment should provide some level of cash flow throughout the life of the investment, in addition to capital preservation and appreciation at the time of sale. To maximize each investment's economic outcome, our primary focus is on the acquisition of existing multifamily real estate with in-place cash flow that can be improved throughout the hold period by best-in-class management and oversight. CREC's Asset Management team and Investment Committee seek to monetize investments post-renovation when properties have achieved their full potential.